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Slow vs. Fast Food
September 18, 2010, 12:26 am
Filed under: General Nutrition

We all know that fast food is not the most nutritious option. So, what is the opposite of fast food? That’s right you guessed it…slow food.  Slow food is the lesser heard of, healthy alternative to fast food.

The Slow Food Movement began in 1989 as a counter effort against the fast food mentality and lifestyle of our nation. Slow food can take on a variety of characteristics including being whole, organic, minimally processed, and locally grown.  Local food production and consumption is advocated to minimize the carbon foot print (the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production of a food). 

One of the ways you can take part in the slow food movement is by purchasing food from local farmers markets. You’ll enjoy fresh food straight from the farm while positively impacting your health and environment. To find a list of local farmers markets, visit www.cafarmersmarkets.com and click on “Find a Market”.

To learn more about the Slow Food Movement and how you can consume more slow food products, visit: www.slowfoodusa.org

This information was brought to you by OC Nutrition, Your Trusted Source for Health & Nutrition Advice, and Estrella Atkinson, CSULB Nutrition Student.  OC Nutrition offers nutrition counseling services in Newport Beach, Irvine, Orange, Anaheim Hills, Chino, Glendora and Long Beach.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact:

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Actually started in 88 when becoming a vegetarian, well except for fish. whatever you call those. Great words! The super market chains vegetables are scary, a lot more coming out of Mex. I grew up surfing in Baja, every weekend. We never ate anything you couldn’t peel so you would not get sick. Guess what? It works. When shopping in any market, just go around the outside and find every thing you need, the rest is junk.

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You girls are great Kristy, keep it up!

Comment by Chance

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