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Overuse and Overload Injuries – What Should You Do?
November 2, 2010, 3:07 am
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Injuries resulting from overuse or overload are becoming more and more common.  The elbow and deltoid are two of the body parts frequently affected so let’s take a minute to discuss them.

The Elbow is a complex joint formed by three large bones, four sets of muscles, and thick tendons and ligaments.  The ligaments hold the bones together, the tendons attach the muscle to the bone, and the muscle helps move the joint.  Any break down in the 3 parts can cause pain.  Most elbow pain is cause by overusing or overloading the joint (e.g., tennis/golfer’s elbow, carrying too many items at once). 

Many elbow injuries can be treated with RICE therapy.  Rest (resting the injury), Ice (icing for 15-20 minutes three times a day), Compression and Elevation (to reduce the swelling).  If you’ve tried RICE and you’re still having issues, please contact your physician or physical therapist.

The Deltoid is composed of three muscle groups that make up the shoulder.  The three muscles are the lateral (side) deltoid which moves the arm up from your side, the posterior (rear) deltoid which moves the arm backwards towards your back, and the anterior (front) deltoid which raises the arm to the front.  Most deltoid overuse or overload injuries are from the deltoid supporting other muscles (acting as a secondary muscle) while carrying out exercises. 

Many deltoid injuries can be resolved with Rest and Ice.  If you’ve tried this and you’re still having issues, please contact your physician or physical therapist.

To prevent injuries make sure to use proper form, gradually increase weights or intensity, incorporate a variety of exercises, stretch, and give the muscles time to rest.  For a well rounded workout designed to prevent injuries, make an appointment with a Certified Personal Trainer.

This information was brought to you by Merritt Robinson, Certified Personal Trainer, and Just for the Health of It, a state-of-the-art personal training and yoga studio in the heart of Orange.  For more information please contact:

Diane McConahay, B.S.
Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor
(714) 639-0494

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We keep on going with RICE. I personally alternate older injuries/ strains (after 72 hrs) heat and RICE, but always end with RICE just for the halibut 🙂

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