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New Year’s Resolutions: Ring in Wellness for the New Year!
January 18, 2011, 3:04 am
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Begin the New Year right by making informed decisions that involve shifting your wellness focus from quantity to quality. Being more mindful of food, exercise and lifestyle choices will help get 2011 off to a great start! 

Follow the 80/20 approach
Trying to eat too healthy can set you up for failure. Instead, strive for healthy food choices 80% of the time, which gives you some leeway for the remaining 20% of the time. You can enjoy all foods on a healthy eating plan, just pay attention to how much and how often you select higher-calorie, higher-fat items.         

Concentrate on quality not quantity
Choose ingredients that result in less fat calories without sacrificing taste:

  • sauté with cooking spray and broth.
  • use 2 egg whites in place of one whole egg.
  • don’t add oil to the water when cooking rice or pasta.
  • use plain non fat yogurt instead of sour cream.
  • choose low-fat cheese products.
  • choose lean cuts of meat, poultry without the skin and fish and use oil-free marinades to enhance flavors. 

Schedule time for exercise
Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily, or 150 hours a week.  Exercise is the common denominator for losing weight and keeping it off.

Put eating in perspective
Overeating at one meal does not spell catastrophe. Consider it a “bump” in the road. Make the correction and move on.  Your attitude and how you handle mishaps is your strongest asset.

Get plenty of sleep
Latest research shows a relationship with making poor food choices, overeating and inadequate amount of sleep. Strive for 8 hours of shut eye.

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